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From time to time DHA will issue important information and safety alerts that may affect DHA contractors. 

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Last updated November 17 2021


There has been an increase in the number of work health and safety (WHS) incidents involving an injury to employees and contractors from dog bites.

In financial year 2020–21, seven dog bite incidents were reported to DHA's Work, Health and Safety team. Over the past four months of financial year 2021–22, there has been a further four dog bite incidents reported.

Dog bite incidents and animal encounters are generally preventable. Please take notice of this Safety Alert and take all reasonable steps to protect your health and safety when performing work at a DHA work location (residential property or construction site).

Safety advice

  • You should always consider a dog (and other animals) as a potential hazard which poses a risk to your health and wellbeing.
  • Upon arrival at a DHA work location, check to see if a dog(s) or any other animal is present.
  • You must not touch, encourage or approach any animal.
  • Animals must be secured away from your work area at all times.

Safety action

  • Conduct a risk assessment before starting work at a DHA work location.
  • Ask the tenant/owner or site manager if a dog(s) or any other animal is present at the work location. If yes, request they secure the animal away from your work area.
  • Assess the requirement to continue working if an animal cannot be secured safety:
    • an option is to return at another time when the animal can be restrained or removed from the location
    • refer the matter to DHA's Contractor Management Team on
  • In the event of an animal encounter where you are either chased, attacked or bitten:
    • go to a safe location and assess the need for first aid or medical treatment
    • refer the matter to DHA's Contractor Management Team on
  • Report all workplace incidents to:
    • the Contractor Management Team via
    • the WHS Team via
    • consider reporting animal encounters to your local Government.