Guide to Online Services (Real estate agents)

DHA has contracted real estate agents to provide property management services and sales for properties that are currently surplus to Defence needs. When managing surplus properties, agents are required to communicate electronically through Online Services to receive and manage these properties through Civilian Tenancy, including entry of monthly rental payments.

Online Services is a 24/7 web-based system available for DHA's customers and business partners to interact electronically with DHA. This user guide has been developed to guide agents through the use of Online Services.

Real Estate Agent Panel

Estate Agents who have a contract with DHA to provide Property Management Services for Civilian Tenancies will have the facility to:
  • View a list of prospective tenancies including Dates Available, Property Report and Map
  • Record approved tenant information and attach Signed Tenancy Agreements
  • View the current status of a Civilian Tenancy and manage any actions available to them
  • View any outstanding actions on a tenancy including Periodic Inspections due
  • Advise of tenant vacations and extensions
  • View any Open Invoices that are due for payment and submit payment details
  • View any completed invoices

Estate Agents who have a contract with DHA to provide Disposal Sale Services will have the facility to:

  • View a list of properties for their appraisal
  • View any Open Invoices that are due for payment and submit payment details
  • View any completed invoices

Go to and click on Online Services:

Logging in

Your login details will be sent to you by DHA or you can contact DHA on 139 342. When you click on the Online Services icon, you will be taken to the login page.


  • Your username is the email address your company previously provided to DHA.
  • An email notification is automatically sent when your company is set up as a DHA business partner on Online Services. This email provides your first temporary password.
  • On your first login, you will be prompted to change your password. You will also be required to enter a secret question and answer, which can be used to authenticate you in case you forget your password.

Forgotten Password

  • If you have forgotten your password, select the Forgotten your password link. This will prompt you to type in your username and elect to receive an SMS or email notification (please note this is if you have already supplied those details to DHA).
  • Once the option has been selected click Reset. You will then receive an email/SMS based on what you have selected.


  • You will receive a notification email
  • Open the email then click on the link, which will then prompt you to the Change Password page.
  • Enter your new password and click Confirm.


  • A confirmation PIN is received via SMS
  • In the link, enter in the SMS Confirmation PIN and you will then be prompted to the Change Password screen. Please note, the Confirmation PIN is only valid for 15 minutes from receipt, thereafter you will need to use the link again to obtain a new one.

If you have forgotten your username, please contact DHA on 139 342.

By clicking on the My Account button on your Dashboard, you will have access to:
  • Change my password
  • Change my usernames
  • View my notifications such as insurances required, etc.

Civilian Tenancy and Tenancy After Discharge Services

The My Details tab provides you access to view, update and manage your:

  • Contact details
  • Insurance details
  • DHA contract

Remote Property Inspections & Disposal Sales

In addition to the above, you will have access to view and update your:

  • DHA contract
  • Availability.

Update your Contact details

This screen allows you to add and update your contact details held by DHA.

For remote property inspections, you can also set your preference to receive email and SMS notifications for work allocated to you by DHA.

Please note that email address is the address you provided when tendering for your contract. Please contact DHA on 139 342 if your email address requires changing.

Managing your Insurance

To manage your insurance details please click on My Details tab.

This screen allows you to view and update your current Estate Agent Licence, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers Compensation/ Income Sickness Protection insurance details.

While you are contracted with DHA, you must have current insurance policies.

To update or attach documentation click the Modify button then Save

Please note that is a requirement of your contract to maintain and display current insurance and workers compensation documents on DHA’s Online Services.

Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard will be displayed after successful login.

Civilian Tenancy (CTEN) and Tenancy After Discharge (TAD)

Your Dashboard will default to display a list of Outstanding Tenancies and Open Invoices. Separate tabs are available to view Current Tenancies, Resolved Tenancies and Completed Invoices.

From the Dashboard, you can also navigate to:

  • View Invoices and invoice details
  • Click on a tenancy to view property and tenancy details
  • Update your contact details, licence information and insurance information at My Details

Remote Inspections

This overview provides the top layer of information used to manage DHA remote inspection requests.

From your Dashboard, you can also navigate to:

  • Work – All remote Work Item inspection requests
  • Invoicing - Work Items Awaiting Invoicing, Invoices Approved and Awaiting Payment and Invoices Awaiting Approval by DHA (note that work bundles and quotes will not be applicable for remote inspections).
  • WHS Reports - view current reports and report history
  • My Details - update your contact details, licence/insurance information, view your contract and enter your availability
  • Search - for specific Work Items and Invoices
  • Contractor Resources - view latest news and contractor information.
  • My Account – manage my delegates view notifications, update your password

Please note:

  • View Work Items that are more than 7 days overdue for booking and other important information will appear in a yellow highlighted ribbon at the top of your screen
  • View Work Items that are more than 14 days overdue for invoicing will appear in a yellow highlighted box just underneath Work Items more than 7 days overdue for booking
  • Numbers next to the various tabs denote how many Work Items are within each tab.

Refer to Remote Property Inspections for further details on remote inspection work orders.

Outstanding Tenancies

The Outstanding Tenancies list includes all tenancies where an action is required.  The status will identify what is outstanding, and could include:

  • Available for Tenancy
    - provide DHA with a rent appraisal
    - source and present an appropriate tenant for the property
  • Awaiting Tenant Details
    - arrange and attach signed tenancy agreement and
    - enter tenant and tenancy details.
  • Periodic Inspection Due
    - liaise with DHA to book and attend periodic inspection
  • Negotiations in Progress
    - negotiate vacation or extension of agreement with tenant and DHA
  • Awaiting Vacation
    - liaise with DHA to book and attend vacate inspection
  • Vacation Inspection Booked
    - attend inspection and confirm vacation

Current Tenancies

This will list all current tenancies for the agent with the following status:

  • Available for Tenancy
  • Awaiting Tenant Details
  • Future Occupancy
  • Occupied
  • Negotiations in Progress
  • Awaiting Vacation
  • Property Vacated

Resolved Tenancies

This is a list of tenancies that have previously been presented to, or managed by the agent, including:

  • Completed 
  • Cancelled

Open Invoices

Lists the invoice for the current month (for the previous month’s rent).

Completed Invoices

Lists the invoices for previous months.

Civilian Tenancy Details

To view the details of a tenancy select the tenancy from your dashboard.

This will open to the working page, displaying the Agent specific Tenancy Information.

You can also view:

•    Property Report
•    Property Map
•    Agent Information
•    Tenancy History
•    Invoice History

Property Report

This is a printable property report which displays extensive information about the property:

  • Overview
  • Description
  • Rooms
  • Facilities
  • Property Photos
  • Floor Plan (with dimensions)
  • Dimensions

Property Map

This links to Whereis to display the location of the property.

Tenancy History

A list of current and previous tenancies against the property.

Invoice history

Available also from the agent’s monthly invoice, the detailed Invoice History displays a list of invoices showing all rent charged and remitted for the tenancy.

When DHA identifies properties for civilian tenancy they will release information about the property to one or more panel agents. The agent is required to provide a rent appraisal and source and present a suitable tenant for the property.

Email notification

DHA will send an automatic notification when a property identified for tenancy has been allocated to the agent, advising the:

  • date the property is available from
  • date the property is available to
  • agent’s management rate to be applied
  • term type

If the property is occupied by a discharging member of the ADF, the agent is required to manage the tenancy and DHA will also provide:

  • the current tenant name
  • the start and end date of tenancy
  • the weekly rent to be applied

When the Estate Agent logs in the property will appear in the Outstanding Tenancies tab with a status of Available for Tenancy.

Rent appraisal

Where the property is not occupied by a ‘Tenancy After Discharge’, the Estate Agent must inspect the property and provide a rent appraisal to DHA via email or phone within 3 days of being advised of the property becoming available. The Property Report can assist with the appraisal.

Keys can be accessed for the rent appraisal by contacting the local DHA office.

Source tenant

If DHA accepts the rent appraisal, DHA will enter that information into the tenancy and the agent can then proceed to source an appropriate tenant. The weekly rent will be displayed as a monthly value to assist agents with invoicing and as a recommendation for monthly rent collection.

The Estate Agent must advertise the property after the rent has been approved:

•    in the Estate Agents window display within 2 days
•    on the Estate Agents own website and on the most appropriate local internet sites within 2 days, and
•    in an appropriate local newspaper within 7 days.

The Estate Agent must provide weekly written progress reports to DHA until a suitable tenant is identified.

If the Estate Agent is unable to identify a suitable tenant within 2 weeks of advertising commencing, they are to provide DHA with a written report outlining an alternative rental marketing strategy (including recommendations on any changes to the confirmed weekly rent amount).

Tenant accepted

The Estate Agent must locate and qualify suitable tenants and then submit the applications to DHA via an email for final approval.

DHA will approve or decline the application. If the tenant is acceptable to DHA then DHA will modify the status to Awaiting Tenancy Details.

Awaiting Tenant Details

Once DHA has approved the Estate Agent as the Managing Agent (that is, confirmed the listing), DHA will arrange for keys to be provided to the Agent. The Agent is required to make a record of all keys (a photocopy is recommended), retain one set of keys in their possession and provide the remaining keys to the agreed tenant.


All leases issued by Agents on behalf of DHA must include the following special condition to ensure the property is available to return to DHA in exceptional operational circumstances and where relevant legislation permits:

For Service reason, it is hereby agreed and declared that:

  • the agreement hereby created can be terminated by the landlord giving to the tenant, or his agent, one month’s notice in writing of such termination, immediately after expiration of the said notice; and
  • this present agreement and all rights, liabilities and obligations there under, shall cease and be void without prejudice to any claim by either party against the other in respect of any antecedent breach of any covenant or condition herein contained.
  • the amount of rent to be paid is to be calculated on a proportional basis up to the date on which the said notice expires


If the property has been listed with more than one panel agent, they will be treated equally. Should the other agent be successful in identifying a tenant then you will receive an automatic email cancelling the tenancy, and the tenancy will appear in your Tenancy History tab with a status of Cancelled.

Tenant Identified

When DHA has set the status of the Civilian Tenancy to Awaiting Tenant Details, the agent is responsible for the Tenancy Agreement and entering tenancy information into Online Services.

Record tenancy information

At status of Awaiting Tenant Details, the agent is able to update information against the tenancy and should record the details of the tenant as soon as it is approved by DHA:
•    Start and end dates
•    Primary tenant name
•    Primary tenant contact details

Signed tenancy agreement

The Agent is required to attach the Signed Tenancy Agreement within 10 days of the lease commencing:

•    Click the drop down under Upload new attachment, select type of attachment
•    Click Browse, select the file from your computer and click Open

Condition and Inventory Report

•    The Condition and Inventory Report is to be attached within 7 days of the lease commencing.
•    Photos showing the detail of any existing damage should also be provided to support the condition report.

Bond Receipt

•    The Bond Receipt is to be attached within 10 days of the lease commencing.

Agent invoices are automatically generated on the first day of each month for rent and for the month in arrears.


•    Agents will be able to view the current open invoice for the previous month’s rent requirement.
•    Invoice details display for each tenancy and the rent being invoiced.
•    Agents can confirm the gross rent being remitted for each tenancy under management.
•    Payment details are displayed for submission of invoice, and payment of rent.
•    Agents are required to submit rent as invoiced within 14 days of invoice.
•    Agents can view previous completed invoices.

Rent Due Calculation

The method of rent calculation changes to be in all cases:

Rent Due = No of Days due x Weekly Rent

Each month will therefore invoice differently, depending on how many days in the month.

Any rent unpaid will be carried forward to the next invoice.

Agent Invoice

On the first of each month an invoice is automatically generated to each agent managing active tenancies or with outstanding rent payments.

The invoice for the current month is displayed as an Open Invoice on the Agent Dashboard in DHA Online Services.

Invoices for previous months are available under the Completed Invoices tab.

Invoice Detail

The left hand side of the page list all invoices, with the most current displaying at the top.  Clicking on a tab will populate the details of that invoice.

The remaining screen lists all tenancies invoiced for the particular invoice selected.

Each Tenancy key is a link to a detailed invoice history for that tenancy


The invoice displays:

•    Invoice ID - a unique number for this month’s invoice to the agent.
•    Month Ending - describes the month the invoice covers.
•    Status - the status of the invoice.
•    Tenancy - the tenancy for which the charge relates.  This links to the invoice history for this tenancy.
•    Gross Rent Due - any rent due for the period invoiced and any balance brought forward from the previous invoice.
•    Gross Rent to be Remitted - the amount the agent is remitting for this invoice.
•    Mgt Fee incl GST - a calculation of the Management Fee as a result of the Gross Rent Remitted.
•    Net to be Remitted - a calculation of the Gross Rent Remitted less Management Fee.
•    Total amounts and Invoice Id for reference when submitting payment.

Enter rent remitted

The invoice is generated at a status of Pending. The Agent should enter the Gross Rent only they have in hand for the tenancy. The Mgt Fee will calculate according to the Gross Rent to be Remitted that is entered, which will change the Net to be Remitted for the tenancy and the Invoice Totals.

Submit Invoice and make EFT payment

The invoice will display the Invoice ID and the amount to be deposited as a result of the agent's entries.

When the Agent selects Submit Invoice the invoice status becomes Agent Submitted and the Agent must deposit the Total Net Rent displayed. Agents can view submitted invoices but not modify them.

•    Deposits must be the amount displayed using the invoice ID displayed as reference.
•    Deposits should be made to:

Account Name: DHA Rental Deposits Acc
Bank: Westpac
Branch: Manuka ACT
BSB: 032-729 Account 225665

Agent Review Required

If the amount received by DHA is not the Net Rent Remitted indicated on the invoice, DHA will not be able to reconcile the funds and will set a status of Agent Review Required.

The Gross Rent Remitted is then available again for edit by the agent so they can correct the invoice and resubmit details to indicate the amount paid.

If an error is made on the invoice, we do have the ability to return this back to you for actioning.

Completed Invoices

The status is set to Completed on the first of the next month when new invoices are created. Any amounts carried forward will display on the new invoice and the Complete invoice is view only.

DHA operates a national Maintenance Call Centre (MCC) that will arrange for all fair wear and tear maintenance to be carried out on the listed properties.

  • Agents will be required to lodge all requests for maintenance through the maintenance call centre. DHA will not accept responsibility for any works undertaken outside this arrangement.
  • Emergency maintenance is also managed through the maintenance call centre and is available 24 hours a day.
  • The tenant must report all maintenance to the Agent for the agent to raise through the MCC. The tenant must not contact the MCC directly.
  • The Agent is to recover the cost of tenant (non-fair wear and tear) damage either directly from the tenant or via the rental Bond.
  • All cleaning or gardening maintenance remains the responsibility of the tenant.
  • The Agents will be responsible for ensuring tenants maintain the cleaning and garden maintenance to appropriate levels throughout the term of the tenancy.

The Maintenance Call Centre can be contacted on 139 342.

DHA requires periodic inspections to be completed every 6 months and Online Services will provide visibility of all periodic inspection overdue or due in the next 3 months.

In accordance with the contract, the Agent will conduct inspections of the property and provide DHA with a written report advising of recommended maintenance and items of concern in writing, within 48 hours of the inspection or of becoming aware of any issue. The following inspections are required:

  • Initial inspection to complete condition report
  • 6 months after tenancy commencement, joint inspection with DHA giving the Regional Office 14 days notice in writing of the forthcoming inspection
  • Every 6 months for leases over 12 months in duration giving the Regional Office 14 days notice in writing of the forthcoming inspection
  • End of tenancy inspection, joint inspection with DHA giving the Regional Office 14 days notice in writing of the forthcoming inspection
  • Other inspections as required by DHA giving the Regional Office 14 days notice in writing of the forthcoming inspection.

To identify due or overdue periodic inspections

  1. Select the Outstanding Tenancies tab
  2. Properties that are due or overdue for a periodic inspection will be displayed with a Status of Periodic Inspection Due
  3. Select the tenancy
  4. From the Agent Information tab, the Tenant Information will display contact details for the tenant
  5. Negotiate a mutually agreeable time with DHA and the tenant

To complete a periodic inspection

  1. When the periodic inspection has been complete, select the Outstanding Tenancies tab
  2. Select the tenancy
  3. From the Agent Information tab, select the Inspection has been performed button
  4. Enter the Inspection Date
  5. Select the Save button
  6. Select Upload new attachment of Inspection Report and Browse for document

Where the property is not required to be returned to DHA at lease end, the Agent must provide a written report and recommendation to the Regional Office covering:

•    Extension of current tenancy; or
•    keep the property on the rental market and a revised rent recommendation

All lease renewals and extensions are to be approved by DHA in writing prior to being offered to tenants.

DHA does not approve the sub-leasing or assignment of tenancies. Only specific tenants agreed to by DHA should be issued Tenancy Agreements.

The Agent must involve DHA in negotiation and implementation of rental increases and implement rental increases, lease renewals and tenancy agreements as directed by DHA.

The Agent must give DHA a minimum of 2 weeks notice in writing that tenants intend vacating the property.

DHA or the tenant can initiate requests to extend the tenancy or vacate the property. If the extension or vacation is initiated by DHA, the Agent will receive an email notification and the tenancy will become visible on the Outstanding Tenancies tab.

To initiate extension of tenancy

When DHA requests the tenancy to be extended:
1.    the Agent will receive a Tenancy Extension Request email, and
2.    the property will be visible on the Outstanding Tenancies tab with a status of Negotiations In Progress

To confirm new tenancy terms

1.    Provide DHA with a rent appraisal
2.    Negotiate the extension with DHA and the tenant
3.    DHA will enter the agreed rent
4.    Select the Outstanding Tenancies tab
5.    Select the property
6.    Select Confirm new tenancy terms button
7.    Update Tenancy End Date and Term Type if required
8.    Ensure that the Weekly Rent is correct (advise DHA if it is incorrect)
9.    Select Confirm button
10.  Select Upload new attachment type and Browse for documents to attach the signed Tenancy Agreement (if new fixed term)

To initiate tenant eviction

1.    When a tenant needs to be evicted, select the Current Tenancies tab
2.    Select the property
3.    Select The tenant is being evicted button
4.    Enter Proposed Eviction Date
5.    Select Confirm button
6.    The property is now visible on the Outstanding Tenancies tab with a status of
Negotiations In Progress


To initiate tenants request to vacate

1.    When tenant has requested to vacate, select the Current Tenancies tab
2.    Select the property
3.    Select The tenant is vacating property button
4.    Enter Vacation Date
5.    Select Confirm button
6.    The property is now visible on the Outstanding Tenancies tab with a status of Negotiations In Progress

To initiate DHA's request to vacate

When DHA requests the property to be vacated

1. the Agent will receive a DHA Vacation Request email, and
2. the property will be visible on the Outstanding Tenancies tab with a status of Negotiations In Progress

To confirm tenant is vacating property

1. Negotiate the vacation with DHA and the tenant
2. Select the Outstanding Tenancies tab
3. Select the property
4. Select The tenant if vacating the property button
5. Update Vacation Date if required
6. Select Confirm button
7. Select Upload new attachment type and Browse for documents to attach the:
         - Notice To Vacate, and
         - Tribunal