Property investor stories

Every investor has a story.

Each year we ask our investors to tell us why they invested with us and what their experience has been like.

Here are a few of those stories...


'Since I have (invested) in my couple of investments with DHA I feel my future is more secure and I can become a self-funded retiree.'


'The guaranteed income we get from DHA allows us to plan, because we know that money is coming in.'


'DHA allows us to not have to worry about our investment is stress-free and I value having time to do the things I want to do.'


'With DHA properties, we forget that we even own them. It's just an absolute pleasure.'

Rosa and Lorenzo

'We've had a great lifestyle because we invested with DHA.'

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Rent is subject to abatement in limited circumstances. Rent is paid where the property is able to be occupied. Should a property become uninhabitable during the term of the lease or due to a lessor’s breach of the lease terms, the rent may be withheld until the property has been rectified and can be re-occupied. Ongoing rent are subject to the terms of the lease. DHA does not take into account an investors objectives or financial needs. Investors should always seek appropriate advice before making any investment decisions with DHA.