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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about leasing.

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Almost anyone is eligible to lease a property to us. You don’t have to be a Defence member, in fact the majority of our investors have no connection to Defence at all.

Yes, almost anyone can lease a property to us. However, it is important to be aware that your housing and rent entitlement subsidy (as set by the Department of Defence) may be affected if you are posted to the same location as your DHA leased investment property.

Please refer to the Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), Chapter 7 (7.2.18 Home leased for commercial purposes) for more information.

Leasing process

DHA requires properties across Australia in close proximity to defence bases, specific areas can be found here.

DHA leases properties from Landlords. Find out more about leasing here.

After the application is submitted the process will be:

Step 1
A Leasing representative will contact you by email or phone to discuss your application in detail. DHA may request further information to support your application.

If your property does not meet the requirements or DHA does not have a current requirement for properties in the location we will advise you.

Step 2
If your property suits DHA's requirements we will then organise a property inspection.

Step 3
If the property is suitable we may provide you with an Offer to Lease which will outline the lease terms, lease conditions and steps required to accept the offer.

Step 4
Once the Offer to Lease is accepted, we will arrange for a Handover of the property and the lease will commence.

Lease information

The rent is the gross rent before fees and charges have been deducted.

DHA conduct periodic market rent reviews by engaging an independent licensed valuer to provide a recommendation for the rent.

As a landlord you will retain responsibility for some outgoing costs such as:

  • council rates
  • water rates (usage reimbursed by DHA)
  • strata rates (if applicable)
  • land tax (dependent on the state of purchase and your personal circumstances)
  • insurance (please refer to the DHA Lease Agreement)
  • termite inspections (at your discretion)
  • repairs and maintenance (please refer to the DHA Lease Agreement and Property Care Contract)

DHA offers long term lease ranging from 3, 6 and 9 years subject to DHA's requirements.

We understand that personal circumstances can change, and that you may need to sell the property during the term of the lease.

You can sell the property at any time, however the property must be sold with the remainder of the lease intact.

At the end of the lease agreement, the property is returned to you. This means you can move in, rent privately or sell as you wish.

DHA will ensure all appliances are in working order (excepting fair wear and tear); the property is professionally cleaned throughout; and the dwelling, grounds and landscaping are in neat and tidy condition.

Have more questions?

Contact us by calling 133 342 or make an enquiry online.

Rent may be subject to abatement under certain circumstances such as loss of enjoyment or amenity, or breach of lease terms. Rent is paid where the property is habitable. Should a property become uninhabitable during the term of the lease, or lessor breaches the lease terms, the rent may cease or abate and the lease may be terminated by DHA. Guaranteed rent is subject to the terms of the lease. DHA does not take into account an investor’s objectives or financial needs. Investors should always seek appropriate independent advice before making any investment decisions with DHA.