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'I told my friend, if you want
to invest, invest with DHA'


Surinder has always been a hard worker and a high achiever. So it’s no surprise that he and his wife own not one, but four DHA properties.

He met his wife in India and migrated to Australia in 1992 looking for a better life. They built their first home in 1995, and after working hard to pay it off, decided to invest. ‘In 2004 I bought my first DHA property,’ he says. And he hasn’t looked back since, acquiring DHA properties in Perth, Townsville, Adelaide and Sydney. 

Surinder has been so happy with his DHA investments he has no hesitation recommending it to others. 'I told my friend if you want to invest, invest with DHA. Because DHA provides guaranteed rent, a long term lease and you don't have to worry about any repairs.'

Surinder’s future plan is to look for a DHA investment property for his son. 'My son knows with DHA that it’s very comfortable, he doesn’t have to do anything, so he will be investing with DHA.'

Watch Surinder's investment success story below.

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