Step 5: Vacate your property

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Tell us if you plan to move out

You must give us 28 days notice or more if you plan to move out of your MCA. Where you are not able to provide 28 days notice, please provide your reasons via the online enquiry form in Online Services.

The following table shows what form needs to be filled out depending on your circumstances:

Circumstance Form Submit your form
Moving to a new property in the same location Notification of housing change My account in Online Services
Have a Commonwealth-funded removal Contact Toll Transition N/A
Moving but do not need DHA's assistance to provide housing MCA Clearance My account in Online Services


Pre-vacation inspection

A pre-vacation inspection (PVI) occurs prior to you moving out. Defence Housing Australia will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

It is a requirement that the Defence member is present at the PVI so you understand your obligations for maintenance and any potential tenant charges.

If you are unable to attend your PVI, you may appoint someone to attend on your behalf. This person may be your partner or a representative. Login to Online Services today to appoint an Agent.

For more information on how to appoint an agent please see Appointment of Agent.

At your PVI, your property manager will:

Discuss your cleaning requirements

Before you move out, you must clean the property to the required standard. Your tenancy agreement explains the standard.  

You must also organise professional carpet cleaning for the day after your furniture is removed.

We can provide a list of recommended cleaners.

Identify nonfair wear and tear

You must repair any damage to the property from nonfair wear and tear.

You may ask us to organise repairs through one of our contractors. If you do, we’ll show the charge of the repairs as a ‘tenant charge’ on the Inspection Condition Report.

Complete the Inspection Condition Report (ICR) with you

The ICR identifies potential and/or tenant charges you may be responsible for. By signing the ICR you are acknowledging that all noted charges and information is correct.

If you dispute some of the charges, we'll note this on the ICR as a 'tenant dispute'. Your property manager for be able to provide you with a Details of Dispute form and you will need to complete this form and submit it to your property manager within 5 working days.

Address any concerns

Your PVI is an opportunity to ask questions, or raise any concerns.

You can also raise an enquiry in Online Services under ‘My Account’.