Step 4: Start contributions from your pay

Payments are deducted from your pay on a fortnightly basis through the Defence pay system – ADFPAY. We arrange this after you sign the Tenancy Agreement. If you have questions about your deductions, contact the Defence Call Centre on 1800 Defence (1800 333 3623).

How is my contribution calculated?

Your MCA contribution is calculated using Rent Allowance (RA) rent ceilings and contribution rates. These rates are based on:

  • Your rank, and
  • Your categorisation.

If you select a property that has a rent that is on or below what your RA rent ceiling would be, you will only pay your standard RA member contribution. If you select a property that has a rent above your RA rent ceiling you will pay your standard RA member contribution plus the amount above your RA rent ceiling. This amount is referred to as an Additional Member Contribution (AMC).

The RA rent ceiling is a financial limit on the amount of Rent Allowance that you could be paid. This limit is determined and reviewed annually by Defence.

Can I increase the RA rent ceiling?

While there is no ceiling increase provision for MCA, you are able to choose a property that has a rent above your RA rent ceiling. It is your responsibility to be aware of what your contribution (including any AMC) is prior to signing an agreement for the property.

Can I expect rental increases?

Similar to rental properties in the open market your property will be subject to possible rent increases during the term of your lease. A rent increase may occur:

  • On the anniversary of your occupation of the property, based on market rent values, or
  • Due to the annual review of Defence rates for RA member contributions and RA rent ceilings.

Are there any circumstances where I am not required to pay a member contribution?

Under the following circumstances, a MWOD may not be required to pay rent contributions:

  • On and from the 22nd day of a period in which the member has been living under field conditions or on a seagoing ship, even if the period after that day is broken by a return of up to seven days to his or her accommodation
  • If posted to a seagoing submarine, or
  • If absent from Australia on a deployment as outlined in the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN), Chapter 7.

All of the above circumstances require written confirmation to support your claim.

For members going on deployment, the Deployment housing retention form should be completed during the pre-deployment preparations. You can download this from the Forms page.

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