Step 3: Living in your property

Setting up utilities

You are responsible for setting up and paying your utility accounts. In some instances there may be a connection fee.

You may choose to use Fast Connect, a free service to help you arrange connection or disconnection of electricity, gas, telephone, internet and Pay TV. Fast Connect offers you a choice of service providers and aims to improve the quality of your move and housing experience. Visit the Fast Connect website to apply. 

Removal of furniture and effects

Toll Transitions is your relocations service provider if you are eligible for a removal at Commonwealth expense. For enquiries on your relocation and entitlements or the transportation of your furniture and effects, phone Toll Transitions on 1800 819 167.

Moving in

You will be contacted by one of our Property Managers who will arrange a day and time to conduct a phone inspection with you. You will need to be at the property for this call.

Your MCA Residence Agreement (MRA) and Inspection Condition Report (ICR) will be available prior to occupancy. You will be required to review both documents, sign and return to DHA prior to your phone inspection.

During the phone call, the Property Manager will:

  •  Provide a brief on the members responsibilities and DHA services
  •  Ensure you have signed and returned your MRA and ICR
  •  Discuss your rights and responsibilities as the occupant
  • Provide the location and code of the lockbox, or details on key collection

Please take the opportunity during the phone inspection to ask the Property Manager any questions about your new residence.

Inspections and property access

At some point during your tenancy we will need to access your property in order to:

  • Carry out repairs and maintenance work
  • Provide periodic access for the lessor (if the property is leased)
  • Organise the sale or valuation of the property, or
  • Check the property prior to you vacating it.

Typically, you will be provided with at least seven days notice prior to an inspection but at a minimum, you will be given 72 hours notice.

Read more about the different types of inspections and your responsibilities.

Maintaining the property

Under the terms of the Tenancy Agreement you must notify us of any damage, defects or deterioration to the property.

To submit a maintenance request, call 139 DHA (139 342). Before you call, read about submitting a maintenance request.

You are required to keep the property and grounds (where applicable) clean and tidy. If it is not kept to the required standard, we will notify you and ask that you bring it up to the relevant standard. These standards are outlined in your Tenancy Agreement.

Extended absences

We understand that as a serving member you may be absent from your property from time-to-time. During your absence, there is no change to:

  • Your obligation under your Tenancy Agreement to maintain your property and grounds, and provide access for inspections, or
  • Our requirement to manage your property and meet our obligations to lessors.

To assist us to manage your property while you are away, you are required to:

  • Have measures in place to ensure that your lawns and gardens are regularly watered and mowed.
  • Notify your local RO that the property will be vacant for 30 days or longer. To maintain building cover, DHA is required by the relevant insurance company to advise that this will be the case, and
  • Provide contact details during the absence period, so access can be gained to the property in case of inspections and emergencies.

Please remember that our insurance does not cover loss or damage to your contents. You are strongly encouraged to comprehensively insure your contents.

How it works

Your maintenance responsibilities

Wondering how to maintain your property and get help when you need it?