Living in Member choice accommodation

Policy relating to Member choice accommodation (MCA) is determined by the Department of Defence and is outlined on the ADF Pay and Conditions site.

You are responsible for connection, payment and disconnection of all utilities to the property. DHA is not responsible for the provision of telephone handsets if required.

    Your ‘domestic circumstances’ are the grounds by which MCA benefits are determined. Any changes need to be notified to DHA to determine your continued eligibility for a housing benefit.

    Whilst in receipt of a subsidised housing benefit you are required to advise DHA of any changes to your domestic circumstances as soon as practicably possible after the change has occurred. Supporting documentation may be required and must be submitted promptly after notifying of a change. This will ensure that any assessment of your housing benefit can be completed in a timely manner.

    Change TypeHow to notify DHARequired Documents
    Categorisation changeDefence will notify DHAN/A
    Rank changeDefence will notify DHAN/A
    Period of approved leave without payDefence will notify DHAN/A
    Work UnitUpdate via ‘View/Update Tenancy Details’ in Online ServicesPosting signal
    Sharing OccupantsUpdate via ‘View/Update Tenancy Details’ in Online ServicesN/A
    Purchase or Sale of an owned propertyGo to 'My Account' then 'My Profile' in Online ServicesContract of Sale
    DependantsUpdate via ‘View/Update Tenancy Details’ in Online ServicesN/A
    Separation from spouse or partnerSubmit an enquiry via Online ServicesN/A

      It is important that you inform DHA of your intention to purchase a property as soon as you have signed a contract of sale as your MCA benefit may be affected. We will assess the property for suitability in accordance with PACMAN Chapter 7 Parts 2 and 3.

      You can advise us of your purchase via Online Services by selecting 'My Account' then ‘My Profile’.

      If the property is assessed as not suitable, your MCA benefit won’t change.

      If the property is assessed as suitable, you will be eligible to live in the MCA property until either of these dates (whichever happens first):

      • 1 week after settlement
      • 3 months after the date the contract was signed

        Typically, you will be provided with at least seven days’ notice prior to an inspection but at a minimum, you will be given 72 hours’ notice.

        Periodic inspections

        In order to maintain and monitor the quality of housing we provide, we conduct periodic inspections of your property during business hours. We will schedule this inspection and it will be carried out by a Property Manager, should you need to change the date/time of this inspection please contact us by submitting an enquiry via Online Services. If your inspection is within 72 hours, please contact us on 139 342. The purpose of the inspection is to identify any maintenance requirements and any non-fair wear and tear. Read about how we define non-fair wear and tear. and the standards of repair required. We may conduct additional periodic inspections of the property to help maintain the quality of our housing.

        Defect and structural inspections

        If you are residing in a property which has been recently constructed/upgraded, a defect or structural inspection may be required during your tenancy to identify any defects and facilitate any necessary repairs prior to the expiry of defect or structural warranty period.

        Leased property inspections

        The owner of a leased property is entitled to reasonable access to inspect their property, or if they are to on-sell or have their property valued. They must first contact us and where possible, we will combine a lessor inspection with a periodic inspection to minimise inconvenience.

        Property sales and valuation inspections

        We sell some of our properties to private investors. If your residence is to be included in this program, we will notify you and arrange for prospective investors to view the property at a mutually convenient time.

        Prospective purchaser inspections

        • The prospective purchaser will be accompanied by a contracted Sales Consultant, or Defence Housing Australia staff member, and will remain with the representative at all times.
        • No photos will be taken
        • No cupboards, drawers etc will be opened
        • Please note the Defence Housing Australia representative attending the inspection is a sales representative. If you need to discuss matters about the property, please submit an enquiry via Online Services.

        Prospective purchaser building, pest, bank valuation inspection

        • Photos may need to be taken to assist the company with its report.
        • Inspections may be required by the purchaser for the purpose of a building, pest, or bank valuations. These will be coordinated with you at a mutually convenient time.
        • If you need to discuss matters about the property, please submit an enquiry via Online Services.

          Emergency Maintenance can be reported 24/7 through the Maintenance contact centre on 139 342.

          Non urgent maintenance can be reported by submitting a maintenance request in Online Services.

          Tips regarding maintenance troubleshooting can be found at Common maintenance problems.

          You can check the status and progress of your maintenance requests in Online Services.

            Emergency maintenance

            • Burst water pipes or no water
            • Serious flooding
            • Sewer blockage
            • Complete loss of power
            • Electrical faults
            • Internal lights and power fittings affected by water
            • Gas leaks
            • Fire or storm damage
            • Loss of all toilet facilities

            For emergency maintenance, call the 24/7 phone service on 139 342.

            The emergency maintenance service is available for repairs that affect the immediate health, safety or security of you, your family or the property.

            If you call for a non-emergency maintenance issue, you will be asked to submit a routine maintenance request in Online Services.

            What you can expect

            • A contracted maintenance provider will respond to your emergency request within four hours.
            • Emergency maintenance work will be completed within 24 hours of receiving the request (unless the maintenance work is greater than first anticipated, in which case it may take longer).

              Routine maintenance

              • Defects
              • Damage
              • Deterioration

              Submit a routine maintenance request via Online Services.

              What you can expect

              All routine maintenance requests are logged.

              • It is our policy to respond to requests within 28 days
              • We will notify you of any delays
              • You can check the status and progress of your maintenance request in Online Services.

                We understand that you may be absent from your property from time to time.

                If your property will be vacant for 30 days or more, you must tell DHA by submitting an enquiry via Online Services.

                You must also give us contact details for your nominated agent so we can access the property for inspections or emergencies.

                When you are absent, you must still:

                • maintain your property and grounds
                • provide access for inspections

                This includes making sure lawns and gardens are watered and mowed regularly.

                Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for?

                If you need to get in contact with us, please submit an enquiry via Online Services.
                If you have an urgent enquiry, you can call us on 139 342.