LIA Member entitlement policy

Members must make a contribution to the costs associated with their accommodation.  The amount payable is determined by your rank, the number of beds per room and the level of accommodation.

At time of check in, DHA provides Defence payroll with key information to enable them to determine the rate of contribution payable. 

Members who are not required to pay a contribution

In some circumstances a member can be excluded from paying a contribution:

  • If a member who is living in temporarily for service reasons has a permanent residence elsewhere (other suitable accommodation),
  • Normal entry recruit during basic recruit training.
  • If a member is residing in a room that has four or more beds.
  • If members without dependants (MWOD) are living:
    • under field conditions
    • on a seagoing ship,
    • on a submarine,
    • or are currently deployed.

Note: Despite the reasons listed above, all members pay a utility contribution while living-in.

Note: Defence One (Global Payroll) now manage the commencement and cessation of periods while under these conditions.

A higher contribution may apply in some circumstances

If you are on a period of leave without pay (LWOP) your contribution will be calculated based on the amount of time you are on leave, and will attract a higher rate.

Once your leave is approved, Defence will notify DHA of the total leave period.  We will then advise the level of your room to enable them to determine the rate of contribution payable. 

When choosing to occupy a LIA room in your posting location while you have other suitable accommodation, the higher LWOP rate will also apply.

Amount payable

Full details of contribution rates are listed in Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN) Chapter 7, Part 4, Annex 7.4.B.  

Disclaimer: This page is for information only. For a full range of specific contribution rates and exclusions see PACMAN.  LIA rates are determined by the Department of Defence and are reviewed annually.