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Your rights and obligations as a Live-in Member

Personnel who are approved to live-in at ADFA do so in accordance with rights and obligations outlined within PACMAN, Annex 7.3.A: License to Live In and any specific instructions that might be issued by the LIA accommodation manager (eg resident handbook) or the SADFO from time to time.

Getting there

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is approximately 5.7 km from Canberra CBD. The main entrance open 24 hours/day, is located on Tobruk Road, off Northcott Drive in Campbell Park. The base can also be accessed off Fairbairn Avenue and via the Royal Military College Duntroon.

Key collection and returns

Important:  Please contact the LIA accommodation office / LEAP concierge prior to the date of your arrival to book your march-in appointment.

For Non-LEAP accommodation, report to the accommodation office

Address: Building D0104 Sapper Close, Corner of Aerodrome Road and Plant Road, Duntroon (Located behind the Community Centre)
Business hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday
0438 399 648
02 6113 7333

A/H Phone:
0438 399 648

  • Keys can be collected after 1400.
  • ADFA SNCO’S & OR’S BLD’S 007, 008, 009, 010, 011 Keys can be collected and returned from the box in the SNCO’S foyer in Building 007 – Tobruk Road.
  • ADFA Officers Mess BLD 006 Keys can be collected and returned from the boxes in the Officers Mess foyer Building 6 - Tobruk Road.
  • March out inspections must be booked at least 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Keys to be returned with rooms vacated by 1000.
  • Inform the Accommodation office of lost keys immediately. A cost will be incurred for replacement.

For Single LEAP accommodation, report to the LEAP concierge office

Address: Timor-Leste Road, (just off Milne Bay Road near the front entrance to ADFA).
Business hours: 0730-1700, Monday - Friday (After hours, please report to the Duntroon Duty Officer)
Phone: (24/7) 02 6143 3600

  • Your key will be issued at your March-in inspection which must be booked prior to arrival.

Security arrangements

Visiting Defence personnel should familiarise themselves with any additional security arrangements prior to arrival.  Non-ADO personnel occupying LIA are required to have base approval prior to arrival. This includes members of foreign forces, minors, non-ADO visitors.

Room/cabin information


  • Transit (up to 21 days) - Rooms / Cabins provisioned with soap, toilet paper and towel (replenished and room/cabin cleaned every seven days)
  • Permanent/Temporary (≥ 22 days) - You will need to bring your own toiletries, towel and clean your own room/cabin (excluding Duty Officer, Recruit or Cadet Accommodation).
  • For personnel allocated into LEAP, a description of the furniture and linen that will be supplied in your room can be found here.
    (If you wish to have any of the furniture removed prior to your arrival to make room for your own furniture, please advise the LEAP concierge office prior to the date of your arrival).
  • For further information about your room/cabin, contact the base Accommodation Office or LEAP concierge as appropriate.

VIP rooms/cabins

No VIP rooms, all requests will be accommodated in available transit room/s.

Non-duty bookings

Non-duty bookings attract a charge in accordance with Defence policy (FINMAN). Cost recovery will be initiated after key collection by the on-base Accommodation Office.  Queries should be directed to the Accommodation Office.

Mess fees

Mess fees are levied by the local Mess Committees in recognition of amenities funded from non-public monies (e.g.: newspapers, Wi-Fi, etc). Mess fees can be paid by EFT – ADFA Officers Mess, BSB 642-170 Account # 100262336 Ref: Name/Transit:

  • Officers & SNCOs Mess: $6/night up to a maximum of 3 nights.

ADFA reference guide and map

Quick reference guide (PDF 1.1 MB)
Visitor map (PDF 1.7 MB)

Handy phone numbers

Person/service Number
Duty Officer  0418 413 035
Mess Manager 0417 060 765
PMC 02 6268 8505

Change to your booking?

You can modify bookings online using Online Services.

Alternatively, call DHA on 139 342 for assistance.