Families with special needs

We understand that some Defence families have family members with special needs. Special needs are defined by Defence and may include a physical, intellectual, or sensory disability, or a psychiatric illness or disorder. It can also include family members assessed as being gifted or talented.

When these needs affect your housing requirements, we take them into careful consideration to assist you in finding your housing solution.

The Defence Community Organisation (DCO) is the delegate for Recognition of Dependants with Special Needs and Assistance on Posting. DCO will refer your Assessment of Assistance on Posting (AD 355) request to the Directorate of Relocations and Housing (DRH) for consideration of any special housing needs. DRH will assess your requirement against PACMAN and supporting medical evidence. All special housing needs must be support by medical evidence, from a specialist, or they can not be approved. You will receive email advice on DRH's decision. A copy of the email will be sent to DHA and the regional Defence Relocations and Housing Manager to assist you with your housing needs.
Please contact DCO, through the Defence Family Helpline on 1800 624 608, for Recognition of Dependants with Special Needs and to apply for Assistance on Posting.

DHA and families with special needs

We provide a housing consultant to assist with:

  • house hunting trips
  • house accessibility i.e. ramps, lighting, size of or automatic door entry
  • amenities or room sizes to accommodate large families
  • houses in close proximity to education facilities (for special / advanced education needs)
  • houses in close proximity to health care or respite facilities (for special health care needs)
  • consideration of environmental factors (heating, cooling or lighting).

We will negotiate with the Directorate of Relocations and Housing to approve the modifications. We will need your written acceptance of the property and the modifications before work starts.