Development philosophy

Our role

Our main role is to supply housing for Defence members and their families, with surplus land and dwellings sold on the open market.

DHA Development - Breezes Muirhead
DHA Development - Breezes Muirhead

Our development program is a lifecycle.

It begins with the development of a housing precinct and the construction of residential dwellings. Then, the members and their families arrive. The precinct becomes a community and the dwelling becomes a home. It’s about place-making.

When planning a new development, we look beyond the front yard. We walk down the street and along the footpaths. We play in the parks, run on the ovals and help kids cross the street safely. Our role is important – we are charged with creating a place for families to call home.

As families grow and change, their needs change too. So, DHA changes with them: from apartments to a house with a yard – to a townhouse and perhaps back to an apartment again. Our portfolio is as vast and diverse as the families that call our developments home.

We fulfil this vision through a significant land-acquisition and construction program.

Residential developments

We're active in the residential development industry across Australia.

We've gone green

We're committed to designing and constructing sustainable housing.
All of our homes are built to achieve a minimum six star Energy Efficiency Rating.

We focus on five key areas

  • low energy consumption
  • low water consumption
  • effective waste management
  • human wellbeing
  • biodiversity of local flora and fauna

Learn more about Sustainable housing.