Frequently Asked Questions

To meet our Defence housing obligations, DHA acquire and develop land to build residential homes for Defence members and their families. Surplus land is sold to the general public.  

Not all DHA development projects are for Defence members only. Property within our developments (land and/or dwellings) surplus to Defence housing requirement, is sold to the public by our appointed sales agent. You can find available property for sale by visiting the project websites.

If you are an investor interested in buying a DHA property with a long-term lease, you can view available properties here.

If you are interested in buying a property in a DHA development project to live in or invest privately, you can view our current development projects here or complete an online enquiry.

You can view all current and upcoming residential developments here.

It varies, but typically our development projects with mixed military and private owners will have between 30 - 50% of properties allocated to Defence members and their families.