Our organisation

Our four strategic directions

Our purpose

We are committed to our purpose of providing housing, and housing related services, to Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families to support Defence capability. DHA’s contribution to Defence capability is described in the Defence Portfolio Budget Statements as being to contribute to Defence outcomes by providing total housing services that meet Defence’s operational and client needs through a strong customer and business focus.

We support ADF capability through four key activities:

  • Providing and managing a portfolio of housing
  • Partnering with Defence to shape and administer housing policy
  • Providing housing services to ADF members and their families
  • Operating effectively, efficiently and sustainably as a better practice Commonwealth entity.

Services to Defence

The Department of Defence (Defence) is responsible for determining pay conditions for ADF members, including their entitlement to subsidised housing. We administer Defence housing policy and provide housing solutions and housing related services to ADF members in accordance with our Services Agreement with Defence. In doing so, we contribute to ADF capability and operational goals.

Our services to Defence include:

  • the provision of a portfolio of suitable housing
  • housing services that support the mobility of the ADF
  • administration of Rent Allowance and ADF member contributions for housing
  • managing heritage listed Defence owned properties
  • administration of some elements of Defence housing policy
  • providing housing and related services for ADF members and their families in accordance with our agreements with Defence.

The services we provide to ADF members and their families include:

  • access to, and assistance to find, a range of housing solutions in the DHA portfolio
  • tenancy and housing management services, including the management of repairs and maintenance
  • advice and guidance on housing policy and eligibility
  • booking and allocation services for Defence managed Living in Accommodation
  • administration of allowances to ADF members occupying private rental accommodation
  • administration of reimbursements of payments, relating to utilities, pre and post occupancy rent amounts, and break lease fees.

In addition, we coordinate property care services such as booking inspections with occupants, property owners and third-party providers. We manage enquiries from occupants, property owners and contractors in relation to maintenance, inspections, and general property management. We conduct property inspections in accordance with lease obligations and the Defence Services Agreement and coordinate contractors to ensure that our housing solutions meet the standards agreed with Defence.

Services to landlords

Landlords are important to us as they help us sustain a high-quality, well-located property portfolio and a healthy long term financial structure. The majority of properties in our portfolio are leased from investors in the Australian property market.

We primarily lease properties from private owners and negotiate a new lease or lease extensions with current landlords to retain properties in our portfolio. We offer landlords leases that provide: 

  • a long lease term, typically six to 12 years, or more when lease options are exercised
  • a reliable rental income payable from the date of the lease, even if the property is not occupied
  • an extensive range of property care services provided during the lease term, in return for a fixed service fee. 

We partner with industry to deliver future property opportunities in locations with an ongoing need for housing for ADF members and their families. We work closely with industry partners to establish a long-term supply of newly constructed properties to be sold to investors with a long-term lease. This secures properties in priority locations and refreshes DHA’s leased portfolio with newly constructed homes.

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