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Our purpose

The 2020–21 Portfolio Budget Statement outlines DHA’s primary purpose is to contribute to Defence outcomes by providing housing services that meet Defence operational needs through a strong customer and business focus. This outcome is broken down into two key purposes:

1. Provide adequate and suitable housing and related services

We administer Defence housing policy and provide housing and related services to Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families in accordance with our Services Agreement with the Department of Defence. Our services under this purpose include:

  • provision of a property portfolio and manage and maintain housing
  • assist in finding a housing solution through our Housing Consultants located around Australia and online services system
  • provide a booking and allocation service
  • administer the payment of allowances for ADF members occupying rental accommodation
  • construct and acquire properties to meet Defence housing demands
  • redevelop properties to meet Defence standards.

2. Provide value to shareholders

We provide value for money services to Defence and seek to generate sufficient revenue to enable us to perform our role on a sustainable basis. We do this while continuing to maintain an operational service delivery model, sound governance practices, a capable and productive workforce and integrated and responsive systems that deliver quality and professional outcomes.

Services to Defence

The Department of Defence (Defence) is responsible for determining pay conditions for ADF members, including their entitlement to subsidised housing. We administer Defence housing policy and provide housing solutions and housing related services to ADF members in accordance with our Services Agreement with Defence. In doing so, we contribute to ADF capability and operational goals.

ADF members who do not own a suitable home in their posting location may be eligible for housing assistance. The type of accommodation a member is eligible for depends on a range of factors determined by Defence.

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Services to landlords

Landlords are important to us as they help us sustain a high quality, well located property portfolio and a healthy long term financial structure. We sell and lease back properties through our Property Investment Program, direct lease properties from private owners and negotiate with existing landlords to retain properties through a new lease or extension on a current lease.

Distinguishing features of our lease agreement include:

  • a long lease term (typically six to 12 years; greater when lease options are exercised)
  • a reliable rental income payable from the date of settlement and no loss of rental income if the property is not occupied1
  • an extensive range of property care services provided during the lease term in return for a service fee.

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1. Rent may be subject to abatement in limited circumstances.