Our guiding principles and values

Our guiding principles and values with a photo of a defence family

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We ensure that we make it easy for Defence members and their families to connect with us in the way they want to.

Guiding principles that underpin this commitment include:

Focus on the customer experience

We deliver an excellent customer experience through accessible services.

Digital first, human always

While humans always have a role to play we look at every interaction and how we deliver all our services digitally, both internally and externally.

Connected, coordinated, committed

As a team we are connected, coordinated and committed, working together to deliver our purpose.

Measure, evaluate and keep evolving

Our operating environment is continually changing so we will continue to measure, evaluate and evolve our services to remain contemporary. 

Be driven by data

Data and evidence drives our decisions, so we know we are continually improving our approach to ensure they are servicing our customers' needs.

APS Values

APS values are central to the success of DHA - they build a picture of who we are and how we want to be. They shape and define the culture we want at DHA, and they guide us to be the best we can be - individually and as an organisation. It is everyone's responsibility to express, celebrate and defend our values.