Benefits of leasing to DHA

Long-term lease

Our standard lease terms are 3 or 6 years. So that we have flexibility to meet our Defence housing obligations, we can vary the lease term by exercising each of the following rights:

  • reduce the term by up to 12 months
  • extend the term by a period up to 12 months
  • extend the term by a period up to the Variable Extension Period as specified in the Reference Schedule of your lease agreement (usually 12, 24 or 36 months).

Reliable rent

When you lease to us, rent is payable from commencement of the term of the lease, for the life of the lease. Rent is accrued daily and is paid monthly in advance, directly into your bank account; rent is even paid if the property isn't occupied. (Rent may be subject to abatement in limited circumstances.)

DHA Property Care

A distinguishing feature of our lease is DHA Property Care, an extensive range of property related services we provide throughout the lease term for a single service fee. These services include:

  • property management
  • market rent review
  • repair and maintenance
  • emergency repair
  • lease-end restoration

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