The Dunn family

Force: ARMY

“We’ve been really happy with the houses we’ve lived in – 9 in 20 years of service. I really believe that the properties we’re getting to live in, most of us could not afford to buy ourselves.”

“I’m amazed that we have a water tank and evaporative cooling and I’d love to see solar panels on married quarters in the future. When we were first married 20 years ago, we couldn’t even get a ceiling fan, let alone air-conditioning! All we could get was a little oscillating fan that sat on the side board that caught fire one night! In all my time as a Defence spouse, the quality of housing just continues to improve with time.”

“Our philosophy is to make the most of wherever we are, and having a place to make your own makes it all that easier, even if just for a few years – home is where the Army sends us!”

“Every posting we’ve been on, I’ve seen an improvement in the quality of housing. Sure there’s always going to be the usual maintenance issues, but nothing you wouldn’t get if we owned our own home.”

“Maintenance issues? Well…my maintenance nightmare, no power, came true in the middle of winter but thankfully we were warm again in no time. One phone call and the emergency contractor was out reasonably quickly, and I think from memory, the heating was back on within hours. I can’t help but think how much more difficult, and costly, it would have been if we had to deal with it on our own.”

“In my experience there always seems to be improvements to the housing. Even living in Townsville, some 20 years ago, our home underwent an upgrade (while we lived there) – by the end of the three years, we didn’t want to leave. The home was painted inside and out; we got a say in the colours and were involved in some of the decisions – it really felt like our home.”

“I think your home is such a key part of your day to day living and a happy home life makes for a happy soldier, as they say!”

“This is our ninth house in 20 years and we’re happy to call it home for the next two years.”


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